Hearing loss difficulty

Hearing loss is very major problem, who are deaf they know it better that what is hearing loss. If we can’t hear properly it may cause in our life or in our relationship. If any children have hearing loss so they can’t learn the language or if adults have this problem it may cause work related problem.


Cause of hearing loss are:

It may genetics, any major or it may be minor illness, any accidents and age.

In moderns life hearing loss are playing loud music, loud traffic noise and many more gadgets are there in market like ear phone.

There are three types of hearing loss are:

Conductive loss, sensorineural loss, mixed hearing loss

Symptoms are: * if any person talking with you, you often ask them to repeat what you said.

* When persons are talking in group you don’t understand that what they are talking.

* If anybody calling from your behind you fail to hear them.

Nowadays many new and advance technology are there to recovery your earshot.  There are various types of hearing loss and hearing problems treatments are there. If you treatment your hearing problem you get benefits in your life, in your relationship and you will feel more than before confidence so, hurry up treatment your hearing problem don’t be careless ,proper hearing is very important part in our life. Without proper hearing you will face many difficulties in your daily life.

Many yoga asanas are there to cure your problem if you do it as daily bases it will help you to cure your problem by, doing yoga your ear receive a good blood supply to your nerves in the organs and your nerves , blood vessel supply blood to the ear through your neck. Try different posture of asanas it help your good neck workout. Yoga will help you to improve your hearing.


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