No Need To Stand In A Queue

Sensor is an intelligent devices which sense the device and the work become easy. Sensors repeatedly used to react and detect to electrical or optical signal. Sensor is very useful devices. Sensor reduces the burden of the work. It is very useful devices for electronic devices. It work very intelligent way. It work very fast. Nowadays sensors are used in almost every electronic application.


When sensor came in the market, electrical devices become modernizes. Many innovated electrical devices are come up in the market. One most common and intelligent sensor is accelerometer. It is very useful for billing. When we going for shopping after completing the shopping then we go for billing  what we purchase for that items on billing counter what we see that what we purchase from shop that items are scan the barcode number bill come out from the machine. Barcode scanner is there in every shopping mall and many shop except in small shop. For this machine people no need to stand in a line or queue for long time many people get irritated for long queue so, this machine save the time for stand in queue. It is also do one work which is very useful this machine don’t do mistake in a counting a price and price amount.


In advance technology people level of acceptation is increase in electronic gadgets like in barcode scanner and smart card reader this gadgets are very helpful for people for this work become very smooth and easy because of Calibration accelerometer devices. Before people did their grocery shopping in mini shop or in grocery shop but now people are prefer to shop on shopping mall because advance gadgets are there, quick and correct billing is done. In shopping mall regularly updated for consumer needs and comfort so, that’s people prefer to shop on shopping mall. In shopping mall people is prefer because they get almost every thing what they need. You want to shop a grocery items for your home, some clothes, vegetable, fruits, electrical application etc. almost everything’s are available in the shopping mall. After completing your shopping if you get hunger in shopping mall food counter is there where you can get food to eat like KFC, Wow momo and many restaurants are there.


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