Advantage and disadvantage of self- balancing scooter

Most of the children favorite toy is self- balancing scooter. School going students they go their school by this scooter if their school near their home, even adults also do this same like in collage, they go their collage by this scooter. Many young generation people start playing something new game it is called balancing game or balanced scooter which they have to play in this new generation scooter. Most of the people know this products by seeing this scooter on street such as if someone riding this self balance scooter on street.


Past years this type of scooter is innovate with handle but now it is innovate without handle so, self-balance is very important in this scooter. Accelerometer is used in this scooter, it there inside the scooter in foot pad. This product is very useful for students and for adults also but there is advantage and disadvantage is there. This scooter is useful for them who can balance perfectly on this scooter but who can’t balance yourself it totally useless for them. If anyone misbalance then they may get hurt. Now days it is fashion for new generation people. It is accepted by many people because it is easy to learn and many of them practice in short time and they can master in this features. One most important advantage in this self- balancing scooter is that it is suitable for all age people. This product is not only for children and adults.

One disadvantage is there i.e. if surface is not good then self- balance scooter can’t ride on that surface. This scooter entertain people by playing some fancy moves but be careful when you show your fancy move if by any chance you misbalance yourself then it may get danger for yourself. This scooter is not at all good in rainy season. This is an electric wheel scooter if anytime you forgot to charge this scooter then you can’t ride on this.

If people have dull, bored, burden life then they should immediate buy this products because this product entertain them then will feel better than before or if any suffer from lack of exercise then they should have this balance scooter because this product will not get harm for you.


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