Secret Of Accelerometer

People have reached there where everyone look at their smartphone but they don’t even consider the wonderful and innovative piece of technology which people are holding in hand. Before smartphone that time in phone no internet connection, no GPS, no flash on camera, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi connection and many things are not there in phone. Now days in phone this all Features are there in smartphone and many more. Smartphone give us huge facility, we don’t have to go here and there on phone we get facility like for electrical bill payment, mobile recharge and payment.


In modern time smartphone have many apps, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS this are very common for all people don’t even check this. How this things are happen on smartphone many people don’t know, one small tiny accelerometer do an amazing work on smartphone and every android phone. This tiny technology do an intelligent work but people not even thing about this technology. This tiny accelerometer allow that to measure the smallest and smallest movement on your smartphone and on other hand we should truly hats off to engineer who invent this devices.

In modern days a smartphone do lots of work because of smartphone many work become easier like if you want to give a gift to your sister but you don’t have time for shopping and go to market but if you have 5 minutes and order some clothes from online shopping by smartphone so, this one smartphone it help you to buy a gift for your sister without you have to go market, just seat in your chair and work complete in a seconds. Online shopping is very popular for young generation age and who are don’t have time for shopping because they are too busy in their work. You have to choose a product which you want to purchase and place the order. You don’t have search a shop and ask to shopkeeper that show more clothes and many time you come back home without shopping bags because you don’t like clothes collection. Online shopping benefits is you no need to go to market just seat at your home and your order product will reach at your home and if you don’t like that product you can replace it.


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