Without Electrical Machine Life Will Be hell

Electrical machine are very important in our every one life. Without electrical application we can’t think anything else or we can say that without electrical application we can’t start our daily life because we every one in their life they are so much depended on electrical application.


In electrical machine one most and important device is used that is accelerometers this device is used in almost every electrical machine. Microelectronic machine system recently made advance in high performance with high accuracy and very low cost accelerometers are available in monolithic IC. Many of know that accelerometers are used to measure of acceleration, vibration control, cut off power switch or any special type of vibration control.

Why machines require monitoring do you know? Let discuss with small example this is same as people in monitoring their health in the same case machine require monitoring as human health require. Human need routine checkup for better health as machine also need routine checkup for smooth and proper performance. For human health checkup need doctor and for machine need engineer. If human suffer from some major problem then they need money from recovery their problem. If machine get some problem or some part broke down then it also need huge money for repair the machine. So, everyone should take care the machine like human take care they them self because machine is also very important in every one life.

In industry very big and heavy weight machine are used in that machine accelerometer is very important because of power cut off and vibration control. In all most every generator this device is used. Without this device generator will not work properly, generator vibration will not controllable. In generator vibration may time it become unbearable or unmanageable in that case engineer should check the accelerometer is properly working or not if some problem is there then engineer should work on that. Engineer should do routine check of the generator machine if, they don’t do routine check then in generator machine vibration may occur so, that’s why routine check is very important in every industry. It is an important duty for all engineer for regular check the machine.



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