How To Proper Maintain Your Pool  

Maintaining your pool can be fabulous job but maintenance is not enough job if you want to keep your pool sparking clean and safe for year so, that you can enjoyment then some few thing you have to do for your pool. Pool maintenance is very important because if pool is clean then your skin also safe.

Pool Cleaner Tools

Some few thing you should for your pool maintenance blog, first you should balance your pool, and we are not talking about proper balanced pool water, we means maintain the right pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness level in your pool. You should maintain correct level so, that everything will work smoothly. If you properly balance your pool water then it will prevent from eyes and skin irritation and also prevent from damage pool equipment.

Unwanted guest are many time they come in your pool, unwanted guest means bacteria and algae so, you should maintain the continue chlorine level fall between 1pm to 4pm for proper sanitation and also prevent from any type of bacteria and algae. Many various type of chlorine option are, you may choose any one, chlorine options are tablet chlorine, liquid chlorine, Granules chlorine. pool care blog by chlorine.

Shock your pool it should be done in every weekly, without any fail. Shook product will help to kill bacteria, break down cosmetics, suntan lotion and other swimmer waste which can’t be filtered out of pool by doing shocking with basic shock product then it help to keep your pool sparking clean. It will also help to reduce chlorine order, most of people don’t like chlorine order and also eye irritation.

After shock your pool then add algaecide to your pool. Algaecide is important to your pool because millions of tiny microscopic plants in the form of algae which will be march to your pool because of rain and wind so, before algae started grow in the pool you should algaecide to your pool. After doing all this steps then last step is clean the pool. Daily clean your pool it will good for your pool, clean the pool during swimming season by skimmer basket and weekly test the pool water or if some problem is there then take help from pool service blog they will solve your problem.


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