Cellphone Accelerometer can Hacker Track You

Technology are improving day by day and many new gadgets are introduce in the market but now days hacker are also try new type of technology to hack for theft. People should be alert every time and every movements. New search said that hacker can track your movements and it’s not GPS.


This research come from china, who able to hack user cellphones and use the devices of accelerometer. The sensor are used to track your phone’s tilt and motion.  Accelerometer are used in cellphones. Recharge said that hacker can do this in everyday from using cellphone sensors, you may have a question that why hacker use cellphone sensor? Because they to track your movements so, be alert from stranger. New research said that a hacker can learn your movements though your mobile phone but without tapping into a GPS. Hacker are getting smarter day by day because of new technology.

In a smartphone accelerometers is important because of this technology a hacker have advantage, a smartphone accelerometers can be used by hacker for creating a blueprint of motion therefore these research were able to record your all motion and can analyze the motion patterns.

In every motion has a unique finger print of motion, and hacker are smart they learn the motion pattern of every station but the researcher tracked people with over 86% accuracy and collected the data from a few station. This paper shows a methods to track people in the places that were before considered impossible.

Accelerometers are used nearly every smartphone for give it the videogame such as ability to reposed to the motion. Hackers need to figure out a way to remotely access the accelerometer and access its data. This isn’t the first time that it is used for surveillances. In previous year one Japanese company make a program where they can track the employee movements via their mobile phone accelerometer. The manager can get to know via using this tracker about employee work activity such as which employee goofing off, using the bathroom many time, talking too much over cellphone, take maximum time for having a lunch, and generally wasting a time.


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