E-cigarette Compare With Conventional Cigarette

E-cigarette it is also known as electronic cigarette or electronic nicotine delivery systems. Electronic cigarette are battery operated devices, it is designed to deliver nicotine. In e-cigarette deliver nicotine with flavoring and other chemicals are there, chemicals are there because of users in vapor instead of smoke.

Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette

Accelerometer are used in this e-cigarette, many people don’t like any flavor in e-cigarette or many people like traditional flavor in e-cigarette for them they can be manufacture to resemble traditional tobacco cigarette, cigars etc. now a days in market more than 200 cigarette brands are there. The most important things in this e-cigarette compare with traditional cigarette don’t have while e-cigarette is safer than traditional cigarette because in traditional cigarette which deliver nicotine by burning tobacco which is not at all good for health but e-cigarette also not good for health because smoking injuries to health.

E-cigarette consist of three different components such as cartridge, heating devices, power source. In cartridge it holds liquid solution which containing various amount of nicotine, various type of flavoring and other chemicals. In heating devices it vaporize and in power source device it is used by battery. Many people have this question in their mind that are e-cigarette is safer than traditional cigarette, this question is very difficult to give the answer because doctor will never support you in any type of cigarette whether it is e-cigarette or cigarette. E-cigarette are designed to pretend the act of tobacco smoking, it produce flavored aerosol that feel like tobacco smoking when people use this e-cigarette they will feel like conventional cigarette and in e-cigarette it also deliver nicotine but less of toxic chemicals which produce by tobacco leaves. In conventional cigarette it produce nicotine by burning of tobacco leaves and in e-cigarette it deliver nicotine without burning of tobacco leaves. Accelerometers are there to operate the e-cigarette properly. Although e-cigarette do not produce tobacco smoke but it still contain harmful chemical and nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive drug so, it is harmful for health. Some people believe that e-cigarette produce less nicotine and they try to discontinue their tobacco use but this is not correct. Your health will effects if you use e-cigarette or conventional cigarette.


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