Get Reliance Jio SIM and Jio Digital Life

Jio sim is Lunched in India, most of Indian people has very happy with this Jio news and they greatly enjoying with this jio sim. Reliance officially announced about the jio 4G sim services in India. It is truly great disturbing lunch of other 4G Sim Company, if every Indian buy this jio sim then they will not interested in other 4G sim because in Reliance jio sim they will give you 4G net free for three month.


For jio 4G service many people buy new smartphone for this service so, that they can utilize three month free service. In smartphone accelerometers has improve with new great technology. Reliance jio 4G sim is not only give you service with comparatively affordable data plans but it is also available to everyone for Free 4G unlimited net for until December 31. Many of you thinking that this is fake news, how they can give you unlimited 4G net for three month but this news is absolute truth. You many have one more question that after three month unlimited 4G net, may be they will charge high price on data plans so, the answer is no, Reliance jio will never charge high price on data plans and they will give you very low price on data plans, for low price data plans that’s why they introduce in India so that, Indian people can get benefit from this sim which company not give.

Because of high price on data plans many people can’t afford but jio sim will not charge extra on data plans. When jio SIM is lunched many people are hoping to get jio SIM. If decide to get one jio Sim than some important things you should know that, Jio is a 4G service you know this very well but if you have smartphone that support 3G then jio may not work on your smartphone and if your phone support 4G then jio SIM may work because Jio is a 4G service. And also you need 4G connectivity for jio SIM. If you don’t have 4G connectivity then jio may not work. Like 4G connectivity is important for jio SIM as same as accelerometer is also important for smartphone. If you want jio SIM then go to jio store with your Aadhar cards, and after this simple process you will get Jio SIM.


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