Little bit About Apple iPhone 6S

If you are thinking about to buy a best smartphone or you thinking about to buy an Apple iPhone but you have some confusion that which one is better or which one have great features. If you are interested in iPhone then I can suggest you for Apple iPhone 6S. Everyone known about iPhone, this is one of the greatest smartphone and with great feature which other phone don’t have. When you hold iPhone in your hand then it enhance your personality and many people notice you when you have iPhone.


The iPhone 6S has a very strong design, it is an incredible model. IPhone 6S has no changes to the exterior design but lots of changes are there in technology. Many new and advance technique are there, new improve accelerometers are used in the iPhone 6S. The awesome thing in this iPhone is the display, in this iPhone high revolution are there and introduce the pressure sensitivity to the iPhone which is known as 3D Touch. 3D Touch in the iPhone 6S really it’s a unique and innovative thing in the smartphone. In this phone you can able to trigger alternative action.

The iPhone 6S is very strong and powerful handset than previous iPhone that why things are much faster than before. Most beautiful thing in the camera such as 12 megapixel sensor power with new features including 4K video capture and one good thing in this that you can take live photo and bring in the stills photo. It also improve in the front camera or you can say selfie camera, people will experience the selfie with the display of firing as a flash.

Looks wise iPhone 6S was not changed much but in truly it has, better technology are used in this iPhone. Many different type of accelerometer sensor are used in the iPhone 6S. When People use this phone then they will engage more than previous phone because of faster and awesome features. However iPhone 6S is the expensive smartphone around the world. This phone will offer you the great experience.


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